About Us

PyViz is a collaboration between the maintainers of Bokeh , HoloViews , GeoViews , Datashader , and Param , including James A. Bednar, Philipp Rudiger, Jean-Luc Stevens, and Bryan Van de Ven.

The authors of all of these tools are working closely together to help make them into a coherent solution to a wide range of Python visualization problems, funded in part by Anaconda, Inc.

The PyViz team thanks Brian Thomas at Washington State University for donating the pyviz.org domain to the PyViz project. If you are interested in Brian’s PyViz smart-home visualization tool, check out his paper .

If you like PyViz, please tweet a screenshot of your latest creation, linking to pyviz.org and tagging it #PyViz along with any other library you relied on ( @HoloViews , @Datashader , @BokehPlots , @Matplotlib , etc.).