What is PyViz, really?

PyViz is a set of examples that help you see how various Python packages can work together to solve a huge range of visualization problems, from common situations to tricky special cases. Although there is an installable package named pyviz , it’s valuable mainly for its dependencies, which are a coherent set of libraries designed to work well together. There is almost no code actually in PyViz, apart from the examples in the tutorials.

Is PyViz a commercial product?

PyViz is supported by Anaconda, Inc. , but PyViz and all of its component packages are open source packages freely available for both commercial and non-commercial use.

Wow, how did you do all this work?

The real work is in the individual projects, not here. :) We’re just trying to show you how much is now available across the different projects, and can only take credit for making good examples.

How do I report a problem?

And those projects are also usually to blame for your problems. ;) If your issue is with this website, the notebooks you downloaded from it, or the pyviz package, then please open an issue on github.com/pyviz. Otherwise, please visit the appropriate website for whichever package is involved, using the links on the PyViz home page. If it is not clear what to do, you can always try describing your problem on the Gitter channel for HoloViews.